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Social Media Marketing Today!

If you’re a marketer, you will be thinking of ways ob how you will do your strategic plan for success in 2018. Today, technology has grown so much most especially in the marketing field. Let's talk about how social media marketing strategies altered in the past years. Hence, before finalizing your social media strategy, it’s important to look at what’s ahead to ensure that you're allocating your time and efforts appropriately The graphics software raised. Posts on Social media with photos get 53% [...]

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What Not To Do In Developing Your Social Media Presence

It is indisputable that advertising really takes a considerable amount of your budget. Businesses, be they small, medium, or large have only allocated a lesser budget for the advertisements of their products or services. Choosing not to spend beyond their means, most businesses have just resorted to exploring social media in the hope of marketing their brand without having to spend a penny. The most popular sites are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and most of all, free of charge. They [...]