Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Is Responsive Web Design Important?

Responsive Website Design enables to respond or adapt to the format the user is surfing from, whether they are sitting at a desktop in the office or surfing on their smartphone in a vehicle. It enables your website to fluidly adapt to different screen sizes and makes websites adaptive across a wide range of devices that are used to browse the internet, such as of desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

You can easily check if a website is responsive by resizing your browser window.

Basically, this means that this website can be viewed with any device (whether it’s a desktop, tablet or mobile phone) and will always make full use of the size of your screen. No matter how big or small the size of your screen is, the content is always optimized for the relevant screen resolution. This effectively eliminates unnecessary resizing, panning, and scrolling when visiting your favorite site with different devices.

Advantages of Responsive Design

Increasing your reach to tablet and mobile audiences. Even if a customer likes your desktop website and has used it in the past, the vast majority of mobile users will abandon your website in a heartbeat in favor of a more mobile-friendly one while they are out using their smartphones. Responsive web design enables us to make sure your mobile website looks, feels and most of all work great no matter how your customers or potential customers are surfing.

Increase sales and conversion rates. It brings new visitors to your website when they do a search for your products or services. Responsive web design makes it very easy for Google to index your website so that it shows up near the top no matter what format a user is searching for.

Having a website that works well across platforms gives you a competitive edge because, actually, very few companies have one. Be the business with the website customers want and can use and you can expect sales and leads to expand well beyond the competition! But you can’t afford to wait… more business is waking up to this fact. Be one of the early adopters and snag those customers before anyone else does!

Responsive design and User Experience

There is already a lot of great content out there to discuss the technical and financial aspects of responsive design, however, we are more interested in the user experience issues that might come up with responsive design.

We should be aware if people find responsive design user-friendly and how it affects their experience. Do people still find their way if the layout changes? Do people have other goals and does that affect how they use a site? Do all people prefer a different layout for mobile? Is there a difference when people visit a mobile version first or a desktop version?

In the end, it all boils down to what your intentions are for your website. If you want to have one site that is accessible to all the different devices out there and will look good on each and every one of them, then responsive design might be right up your alley.

But if you want your site to behave differently when it’s being accessed with different devices, specialized to those devices, then it might be wiser to look into building separate websites instead.

Affordable Web Design is one of the aspects a business is looking for in a responsive web design, so contact us today and we can help you set up your responsive business website and no matter what size screen your audience is using.

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