Removing the “SEE INSIDE” from the search results of Google

Removing the “SEE INSIDE” from the search results of Google

At first, there were few handfuls of photographers and digital agencies certified to do this but the program had grown widely over the past few years and both the hardware and software needed to create 360-degree photos getting cheaper and easier to use, more and more photographers are entering quality has been taking a pretty big hit.

Therefore, one of the most well-known benefits business owners saw after electing to participate in this unique program by hiring a certified Google Street View photographer, was the “See Inside” button that would then appear in select search results. Then Google announced that the “See Inside” language and image are going away and that Google Street View virtual tours by professionally trained and certified Google Street View photographers will now appear along with all other imagery for the business, including Google Street View imagery , still imagery by the business owner, user-submitted imagery, as well as still imagery from Google Street View photography pros.

Google has ultimate control over how content from businesses is reviewed, ranked and displayed within Google’s various business.

At the heart of almost every decision Google makes is a simple matter:

  • Quality – wants to connect users with the best answers to their queries. The best quality content in every medium whether its an article, a video, or photography on Google. Quality. Quality will rank in the long run. Quality will get engagement. Quality will sell.

If you want to invest in your website or your business online visibility put great quality content anywhere customers or prospective customers are likely to see it so you get their best consideration as they shop, compare, and in some cases simply seek out information about your business after learning of it thru some other channel.

Google Search and Google Maps are still great places to feature great quality content and our plans continue offering high-quality business photography services and our expertise with Google Maps and Google Street View to the businesses out there who know that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

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